Millionaire Man is almost picture locked!

Last summer I had the pleasure of being the DP on feature drama Millionaire Man, written and directed by Aaron Gregory Austin. And it wasn’t until last week that I got a chance to see a cut of the film. First, hats off to editor Ostin Drais who has done an incredible job of pulling every ounce of emotion that was in the footage (and some that wasn’t!). Second, I noticed some shots that had framing that needed adjusting- a dutch that was too extreme or framing on a face that needed a tweak, etc. So I re-met with Ostin yesterday to fix this final piece before picture lock! Here are some images I took during the session. C360_2015-06-17-22-28-58-535 C360_2015-06-17-22-27-12-942 C360_2015-06-17-22-26-43-450 Next stop- color!

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